The Day Newell Partridge's Puppy Was Abducted By "Mothman," He Never Saw It Again.

I know this story sounds suspicious but let your imagination fly...

Five grave diggers on Nov. 12/1966 are in a cemetery near Clendenin, West Virginia digging a grave. The weather was sunny, a beautiful day, when one of them senses something in a nearby oak tree behind him. He looks and sees what he thinks is a man sitting on one of the higher branches, watching them. They all looked up moments before the dark figure stood suddenly scaring them, then unfolded a set of wings about eight feet in diameter and jumped toward them, flying low over their heads. They all jumped into the grave to avoid it hitting them, it disappeared over the horizon. This was the first recorded encounter with the Mothman. I know it sounds lame, gravediggers in a graveyard but it gets better.

Then a few days later, two young couples (the Scarberry's and the Mallette's) of Clendenin were driving to a local site known as the TNT area, an old deserted WWII ammunition plant, a place where teenage couples drive to and park, to engage in heavy petting, something like a Lover's Lane scenario. 

I know, I know, you've heard this story before, but no, this isn't the story where a hook from a mad killer with one hand is left on a door handle, this story is something different. When the boy in the back seat came up for air, he thought he heard something at the rear of the car. He wiped the back windshield with a swipe of his sleeve and standing there was a creature, a bit taller than a human. He jumped and they all looked. They all reported seeing the creature, as it walked around to the front of the car. When the driver turned the headlights on they all got a good look at it. It looked more like a devil than a man, and had red glowing eyes.

As they sped away they watched as it spread it's wings and flew after them. No one believed them, citing it a "Shitepoke" a large heron like bird that flies at night and has a bad habit of pooping on people if it gets disturbed. No lie!

Then, if that was not enough, two firemen spotted it, but reported it as a big bird called the Sandhill Crane, because of the red circles around it's eyes, similar to the Shitepoke, again. 

Then, a local contractor named Newell Partridge walking his German Shepherd puppy "Pee Wee" for it's evening pee, spotted something fly across a nearby corn field, with circles that glowed red in the dark, like reflector lights on a bicycle, when he pointed his flashlight at it. His German Shepherd puppy bolted and he never saw it again.

Newell claimed the thing he saw flying in the sky came out of a UFO and swooped down and gabbed the dog with claw like talons and flew off with it, back to the ship. You can imagine what kind of state Newell was in, reporting that his dog was abducted by an UFO. People were skeptic. The Shitepoke, again. After all they eat rabbits.

Between 1966 -67 there were over 200 hundred reported sightings, and hundreds of unreported sightings similar to this, trust me I know this. If you see one, there's bound to be someone who will see one more. It's a phenomenon related to most UFO and alien sightings.

The reason they called the creature Mothman was because at the time Batman was a popular show on television and it looked like it had bat wings, so the local paper that reported the sightings named it Mothman, so, as not to confuse anyone because the creature looked nothing like the famous actor Adam West.

It has also been connected fictionally to the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River, on Dec. 15/67 that killed 46 people, in the fictional book Mothman Prophecies turned movie, starring Richard Gere, written by John A. Keel.

It's all true. Check the facts! 


Dog Brindle

*Guilty as Charged*

The dog allegedly abducted was not a puppy it was an adult German Shephard. I admit to sensationalizing the story, just to attract readers.

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