The Blue Sense - ESP Used By Police Officers To Fight Crime

How does a cop realize he has the right man/woman, or is in any sort of danger? Do the police have supernatural powers, ESP? 

The answer is, yes! It is an understood truth that all new aspiring wanna-be cops and young cadets are screened during the application process to see if they are in possession of it, it's called; 

"The Blue Sense."

To be a good cop you must possess this hereditary trait. You have to be able to sense, 

  • whether a person is guilty or not
  • whether a person is lying or not
  • which hunch to follow

This ability goes much further than the mere five senses; touch, sight, etc. It is the unknown quality the cops possess in the decision making process.

Of course, there have been no scientific studies done that we know of, but there is an over-whelming amount of evidence to support such a claim and that some people including cops have the ability to sense, like a lie detector, other people's emotions, their intentions and their thoughts simply by analyzing a culprit's facial expressions and their demeanour.

We all blue sense people, without realizing it. How many times have you looked at someone and thought something was off about him/her, just by his/her looks; dirty or clean?  His/her hair, messy or combed, dyed? How about a persons smell; Hai Karate or Liz Taylor's, Passion? Or if someone is all touchy, touchy. Don't you make judgements? What about a rumour you heard, or something you saw? 

Let's face. Not only do the police possess this technique, adding it to their arsenal of weapons to fight crime but, we all posses "The Blue Sense" and we use it everyday, some more than others.

It's nothing special.

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