Our Mysterious Third Eye - The Pineal Gland

If there ever were a gland to mystify scientists and withhold it's secrets, it has to be the grey, pine cone shaped Pineal Gland. 

The smallest of all the glands, 6 cm in length, weighing in at roughly 100 milligrams and at one time considered useless, having no function, a remnant left from an earlier time in human evolution. It sits atop the spinal cord, smack dab inside the centre of your brain, producing the hormones, melatonin and serotonin. 

Looking at you, it would be situated right between your eye-brows.

The Greeks in the 4th century believed the Pineal Gland to control the flow of thought. Then the Latin anatomists came along and discovered it must to be, "The Master Gland" controlling the Endocrine system, secreting hormones and other substances directly into the blood stream.

In 1958 scientists isolated melatonin from it which proved it to be of a glandular structure. What makes this gland still a mystery to date and why they call it our Third Eye is this:

  • Back in 1886, two scientists named H.W. De Graff and E. Baldwin Spencer discovered the gland to be a rudimentary eye with all the features of a normal eye, retinal cells surrounding a glob mass that acts like a lens.
  • It responds to physical light; directly and through pathways to our outer eyes.
  • Yoga texts from India have spoken of "The Eye of Intuition," and "The Third Eye" a long time before this knowledge was ever known. 
  • All of Hindu gods and goddesses are pictured with a third eye.
  • Melatonin can change the colour of different frogs and fish in their various environments and whether in danger or not.
  • It withholds sexual development in children, then stimulates the kid during their teenage years promoting sex.

Is it a third eye on it's last leg, eventually to disappear through the process of evolution? 

Some say, it is the root of the soul, a place where you dwell. The 17th century Rene Descartes coined the Pineal Gland the "Seat of the Soul" a sort of medium, to express ourselves through our physicality.

Now, they've discovered it produces Trytamine, a drug like LSD, to produce psychedelic and mystical experiences.  

Imagine!  You, inside your head, in a little gland, looking out.  Truly mysterious.

Fact: Many cultures and religions have used the Pineal Gland symbolically since time began. Vatican Square contains the largest pineal like structure (statue) in the world. Do they know something we don't know about the Pineal Gland?

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