Next stop! Moontown, a City That's Out of this World.

Since the discovery of the "Face on Mars" in 1976, there has been extensive research into the possibility of extra-terrestrial life on other planets in our own solar system and the Milky Way.

An American scientist by the name of Richard Hoagland decided to study something much closer,  the Moon. He found several peculiarities overlooked by the scientific community, some showing clearly visible structures like the ones in Triesnecker and Ukert craters unlikely caused by natural formations.

In the centre of the Ukert crater there is an unmistakable image of an equilateral triangle, so basic in geometry and impossible to explain as a natural formation. The sides of the triangle are 26 km in length and can be viewed during full moon phases from earth using simple small telescopes. To many astronomer enthusiasts, this was all the proof necessary that intelligent life had once existed or been on the moon at some time in the moon's history.

Most scientists are interested in the area on the Moon called the "Sinus Medii," latin for Central Bay. During a full Moon and in this particular spot, a strange protuberance referred to as the "Shard" becomes noticeable, projecting one kilometre high from the flat lunar surface. 

During the Apollo 10 mission, a photo in frame #4822 taken by the astronauts shows a structure which appears to be floating just a few kilometres above the moon's surface, known as the "Tower." 

Observations have identified a square shape on top of the object. Some scientists think this is just space junk, but such speculation would defy the laws of physics. Others believe this is proof of an ancient alien lunar city.

Other photos from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showing large chasms in the lunar surface being spanned by a number of huge bridges, have gained special attention. These could be natural formations but it's proximity to the other lunar anomalies suggests they were constructed artificially, billions of years ago.

More pictures show colossal domes in grid like formations, similar to the layout of our cities here on earth.

Conspiracy theorists believe NASA is covering up something, doctoring the photos to conceal the truth. They believe these odd, enormous structures are just quirks of nature or the photos were defective. 

Maybe someday in the future, we will be visiting friends and relatives that have moved out of the province, to Moontown, Moon. Into a city that's "out of this world." 

Time will tell.

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