Michael Jackson - Scrying to Conjure Up Spirits and Creatures From Other Worlds

Dr. Dee's Magical Speculum

At one time, before we ever thought of UFO's, or Aliens man used magic to summon Angels and Demons to get a glimpse of the "Other Side." 

Way back in the late 1500 century along comes Dr. John Dee, an English Mathematician, Astrologer and Occult Scholar and a Christian who amassed a large personal library.  He had in his possession an Aztec relic called the "Speculum" which almost looked like a hand mirror and through this device he tried to learn the "Universal Language of Creation," with special attention to angels and other divine beings not from the physical world, even aliens from other worlds, with special attention to Venus, aliens that have been visiting earth for millions of years by means of Astral Travel.

The idea was to look at the reflection on the surface, take your own image out of view and keep looking into it. Many people have claimed seeing everything from relatives and friends to ghosts and aliens, to the Lucifer himself. 

Michael Jackson's bedroom at "Neverland" had a Speculum in the form of a picture covered in glass hanging from the ceiling on just such an angle. So if Michael were in bed looking up he would see himself and the reflection of his alter ego, Peter Pan, super imposed over his body. Hmmm. 

A crystal ball or a plain mirror, even a bowl of water can be used as a Speculum.  

If, after reading this blog you run to the vanity to retrieve your hand mirror be careful who you want to conjure up and I would do this in secret until you are more comfortable doing it. You don't want people thinking you are conceited or vain or going out of your mind do you? 

Just make sure your own image is out of view and let yourself go. Do the moon walk!

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