Just Think! When We Make Contact With Aliens Called "Greys", the Question, "Is Anybody Out There?" Will Be Answered.

How did we get from happy, mischievous little green men, to ugly, horrible, mean creatures like the Greys, aliens from outer space?

Of course, the name Grey is American.  

An Englishman would still call aliens Greys, misspelling it on purpose, (not using the British English word but instead using the American English version instead and calling them Grays.)  Everyone understands what is meant by the word Grey, even though either word, grey or gray can be used to describe the colour depending on where you live. Creatures from other worlds that fit the description below are called Greys, not Grays. 

What are they?

That is questionable since we haven't proven Greys really exist. This is a list of what witnesses who have experienced these unusual encounters with beings from other worlds. Greys fit into a whole category of different alien species, but Greys are the most common ones reported. There are others, hairy, tall, fat, skinny, all shapes.  Here is what Greys look like and how they interact with humans.

  • Humanoid looking, meaning two legs, two arms, one head, a torso, like us.
  • Smaller than us adult humans by about 1 meter, but there have been taller ones reported. Usually one tall one, surrounded by small ones.
  • Almost childlike in appearance which makes them appear friendly. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Big Heads, meaning big brains, meaning more intelligent. That's a given.
  • Big Eyes, much larger than ours, totally black with no distinction of an iris or pupil and can see in the dark, and also able to communicate to each other through them. (telepathy)
  • Arms are long and have no joints but are more flexible and able to bend anywhere on the arm suggesting they have no inner skeleton.
  • Balder than a billiard ball. (not funny if you are a Grey) 
  • Greyish (grayish) pasty coloured skin. 
  • Slits for mouths but it's not known if they eat, nor communicate through it. 
  • Legs and body seem to have atrophied and seem weak, but in reality they have super strength.
  • Credited for human abductions and behave aggressively. You just can't resist them.
  • Very curious with humans, almost an obsession (experimenting, probing etc.)
  • They operate with a hive like mentality, there are no individuals. They work as a group.
  • Knowledgable about other planets and galaxies
  • They have a bad habit of waking us up in the middle of the night standing beside the bed ready to abduct us. Scares the hell out of us. We wish they'd stop.
  • Finally they are damn good at avoiding us.

We may never know everything about these aliens called Greys, but if contact is finally made and their existence is irrefutably established we will finally be able to answer the question, "Is Anybody Out There?"

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