Imagining Objects and People to Materialize "Thought-forms & Tulpas" The Evolution of Man

In the future, we won't need a mouth or ears to communicate.

Is it possible?

To create, through spiritual and mental discipline, an object or a person to appear before your eyes, achieving a by-product of meditation alone, able to project your thoughts beyond the confines of your mind and sharing those thoughts with others, telepathically? Astral travel to distant worlds, and if possible, can we learn and teach such techniques?

Many Eastern mystics and Tibetan Buddhist Monks believe it, and teach it.  They call the manifestations achieved through strict meditation, "Thought-forms," or "Tulpas."  

These Thought-forms are said to be in 3-D, are semi solid, and ghostly in appearance and can be passed on to many people at one time, as in mass UFO sightings or spottings a ghosts when two or more people are involved. In these circumstances one person imagines seeing a UFO or whatever, and passes these thoughts to others, producing mass Thought-forms shared by many. 

On an evolutionary scale, there is a possibility that this ability is still in it's infant stage. Our brains are still growing and evolving on a molecular level still trying to form and make the right connections. 

Virtually, in the future anything could possibly exist from the hairy Sasquatch, to little green men, to the Loch Ness Monster, to whatever you can imagine, even an Angel, a Demon or a God. Some people believe those connections have already been made. 

Over the millennia, this skill may become a born-in trait for everyone. We will have no need for a mouth or ears to communicate, we will eventually all be conversing, laughing and crying, telling and listening to each others stories, in Thought-forms or Tulpas.

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