Creationists Are Embracing "Intelligent Design" Instead of Evolution. Don't Expect Any Apologies

The Creation - Evolution Controversy

In 1987, the United States Supreme Court ruled Creationism was a religion, thus could not be taught in school. 

People that believe in Creationism must accept that life evolves because the evidence is to great to ignore. They just have to. 

We've found some of our ancestors and they are not us nor do they look like us. We have evolved from a lineage of weird creatures into what we are today, our own distinct species, Human. 

We all know, regardless of what the Bible says, that man is older than 4,000 years. Museums and libraries are full of evidence that we (our ancestors) roamed the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence is found in our bodies which cannot be ignored, in every cell, in our DNA which tell a story of life more than 3 billion years in the making.

Man today doesn't know the origin of life and might never, but he is on the threshold to create life itself, in the lab by self-replicating synthetic organisms.  

When this happens, Creationists will face that fact, lose their fears of Evolution, accept it and move on with another conspiracy theory (Intelligent Design) to fight the new scientific theories on the origin of life, but don't expect any apologies for wasting so much of our precious time, nor from controlling education and bombarding our children with nonsense for 2000 years. 

Don't get me wrong, Creationism is not dead, they have just changed their beliefs somewhat and now goes by another name, Intelligent Design.  

Intelligent Design is just a more scientific name for Creationism. Life to Creationists is just too complex to be explained, there's more to life than just Evolution there has to be an Intelligent Designer.

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