"Carrot Top" a Shapeshifter. Was He The Original Alien Caught at Area 51, Rosewell, New Mexico Back in 1947?

The list is getting longer for celebrity Shapeshifters. We can now add Carrot Top, one of the worlds funniest comedians that pulls household items out of a trunk and makes jokes about how humans can use them. He's very convincing because he gets the laughs.

This is what I've heard over the years, I don't know how true this story is but in many circles and in many conspiracy theories, Carrot Top is considered a Shapeshifter, the actual alien that crash landed in Area 51, near Roswell, New Mexico. His real name is "Pot Torrac" and he's from the Triangulum Galaxy, 3 million light years from earth. 

It seems he has morphed into the creature he is today from some kind of Reptilian Alien, with the aid of the U.S. military. Of course, the military denies any involvement. But the proof is right up there on stage at the Luxor. 

After enduring many years of painful plastic and reconstructive surgeries, he has successfully shapeshifted, from Alien-to-human-to-Reptilian-then back to somewhat human. He's in the process right now finalizing his last facial surgeries, and the heavy work out regimes he endures to keep his lizard body in shape.

I was lucky a few years ago when in Las Vegas, catching his show at the Luxor Hotel. He does look weird! I got a good look at him back stage when I went around to introduce myself. He told me he was just waiting for the Mother Ship to come and pick him up and take him back home to Triangulum. Little did he know I was onto him when I spotted him. Others didn't see the tell tale signs, like his unusually large head or his up slanted eyebrows, moulding to the reptilian structure of his skull, his pale hairless skin colour and his bright red hair. 

You really can't take a Reptilian seriously.

If you're ever in Vegas, take my word for it, it's worth the small change to go see him. He's  very amusing for an alien. You'll never see another comedian quite like him after all he's a real life alien conspiracy theory.

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