Area 51, No Cameras, Trespassers Will Vanish Without A Trace!

There is no lack of conspiracy theories on what actually, Area 51 is?  

On a remote stretch of Route 375, deemed The Extraterrestrial Highway, 98 miles of the most desolated part of the highway in Nevada, lies Area 51, an off-limit military base, known to Ufologists as a place where Aliens that crashed landed back in July of 1947 are kept from the publics eye. The closest town, Roswell, New Mexico is now a tourist trap. 

There is no way you can view it.  UFO enthusiasts have to stand on far away vistas to observe it using high powered lens, since you can be shot on the spot, no questions asked if you trespass and enter the area. There's big warning signs all over the place. From every angle you can see security roaming the sand, searching for interlopers, in high tech SUV's, watching you more than you watching them.

Besides being known as a landing site for UFO's, is Area 51 just another secret military base? Or, does it have a more sinister reason to exist, like;  

  • the testing of weapons of mass destruction or
  • the illegal dumping of radioactive and toxic materials. 

The latest theory is Area 51 has completely moved to a new location, Area 52, an Army facility located approximately 30 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nevada.

Watch!  Soon, they'll open up Area 51 to show the public that nothing has been going on. 

We still won't believe them, will we?

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