A Witches' Preferred Modus Operandi of Transportation - The Broom

What better way is there for a witch to get around than hopping onto her broom, then instantly travelling at super sonic speeds to anywhere she desires without messing her hair. Witchcraft demands it, they have no fear of heights.

The Witches' Broom

According to folk lore the "Broom" the witches' faithful companion, is the preferred modus operandi of transportation, if she had to get somewhere quickly. Sometimes just a stick or a pitchfork, will do, but they aren't as fast nor as reliable. It's like comparing a Cadillac "Seville" to an Dodge "K Car". The male counterpart drives the later, usually.

If a broom isn't handy, a bunch of little sticks called a "faggot of sticks" tied to the end of a larger stick can be used since they resemble and represent a broom.

Under torture, witches confessed to a magic flying ointment that had to be spread over the broom and then themselves to be able to fly, a concoction of hallucinogenic drugs with properties similar to magic mushrooms and LSD.

No wonder witches fly. They're higher than kites to begin with!  

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