12 Little Green Men Caught Gawking in a Farmer's Bedroom Window at His Three Virgin Daughters.

This is no joke!

As far back as I can remember, before there were Aliens, Reptilians, and Greys there were Little Green Men. They looked like us somewhat! If I can remember right, maybe looking more like kids in green tights or dressed in a halloween costume ready to go tricker-treating than a space invader from outer space. 

What do you think of when someone mentions aliens or little green men?

The term "Little Green Men" became popular with sightings of flying saucers back in the 50's and became associated with Greys and all the other close encounters happening at the time. On one such occasion, in 1955, is the well documented, Kelly-Hopkinsville Sighting or the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, where two families allegedly had a close encounter with extraterrestrial beings. There were many witnesses including the police to sightings during the fall of that year, in the little town of Kelly on the outskirts of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, hence the name.

Not the little green men I've heard about.

This is the gist of the story; In the sky prior to the encounter there were sightings of UFO's which were reported along with other bright light phenomena. 

One such Flying Saucer landed near some farmhouses and ten or twelve Little Green Men were caught sneaking in the middle of the night and peeking into windows as if observing the occupants. The reason for them watching is unclear, but rumours spread that they were watching the farmer's daughters as they were undressing to go to bed. There was a struggle when they were discovered by the young virgin's father. Shots were fired at them with no effect. The farmer reported that he only saw two at one time, but every time he shot at one it would disappear and another would pop up in another window. He estimated a guess that there were about a dozen of the Little Green Men and very persistent and aggressive. Apparently his daughters were very pretty. How true this is, is anyone's guess but the story sounds an awful like the Traveling Salesmen needing a place to sleep for the night and stumbling across a farmer with 3 horny daughters.

Maybe they were looking for a bed and breakfast, needing a shower after travelling all those miles, who knows? 

I searched and searched the Internet but there has been no reference that the farmer (Mr. Sutton) also known as "Lucky" ever had three daughters but may I remind you this was no joke.

In the morning the police investigated and found damage to the farmhouse and the surrounding area with hundreds and hundreds of spent bullet shells on the floor and holes in the walls and doors with most of the windows blown out. This all is apparently documented.

The creatures were reportedly similar to Gremlins, metallically shiny green, almost looking wet and slimy like a salamanders. Three feet tall with pointed upright ears. Two antennae adorn the top of their heads with little yellow balls on the ends. They had disproportionately long skinny arms and undersized, atrophic legs with suction cups on three pincher like talons and clawed toes. Similar to an earlier sightings one week prior. They seemed to float around in a swaying motion defying gravity.

The U.S. Airforce and Army Investigators deny any involvement and "Project Blue Book" deemed it a hoax. Their explanation; 

  • The result of a monkey painted in green paint escaped from a nearby circus.
  • The witnesses had exaggerated the event and had vivid imaginations.
  • Misidentification of the Great Horned Owl, which fly silently at night and have yellow eyes and are known to be aggressive when protecting their territory.
  • Meteors explain the UFO sightings

*Let it be noted that Hedda Hopper the famous movie gossip columnist in 1939 referred to the small cast members in the Wizard of Oz as Little Green Men who drank excessively on the movie set during filming.

What do you think of, when someone mentions aliens or little green men?

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