You're Attracted to His Animal Magnetism

The moon is full.

Is your date a werewolf?

It's your first prom and you hardly know the boy that asked you to be his date. You're going with someone that you've adored the whole year, everyday he's been sitting in the back row of your math class.  

Somewhat introverted, you've taken a shining to him, especially since all the other girls think he's kinda cute, in a goth kinda way; pale skin and long fingernails and it was him that made the first move coming up to you at your locker and asking, if you'd be his date at the prom. You jumped at the chance. 

Your parents keep asking about his family. What kind of teenager is he? What side of the tracks, his religious beliefs, everything. You realize you know very little about him.  

First of all, you wouldn't really bring this guy home to meet your mom and dad? Mother wouldn't react kindly to his unshaven unkempt look but you do, you're in love with the guy, his animal magnetism. You're a teenager remember.  

Nothing seems weird to you even though he avoids holding hands, he says he's allergic to silver, and you have silver spoon rings adorning every finger. You don't really care if he holds your hand anyway, he has long sharp nails that need trimming. You do like them though, black, pointed, you love goth. His nails match yours, in fact looking better than your own nails. You're jealous.

Clue number one. Werewolves fear silver, it's the one thing that can kill them.

After the prom, you want to go to a sushi restaurant with your friends as a group. He wants to go to the Keg and eat steak, just the two of you. He wins, you go to the Keg and you order your steak well-done, he orders his raw. You hand him a knife and fork but he prefers to eat with his hands, plus he drools a lot. You overlook all these things.

You do like the guy but find the sounds he makes, irritating, if not down right rude. All the howling, snorting and growling for no apparent reason. You can't understand why he bays at the moon and his breath, why is it so bad? He needs dental work but you feel it's too early in your relationship to suggest a good dentist.  

It's getting late and at the end of your date he asks if you'd like to take a midnight stroll through the neighbourhood graveyard.  

What more do you need to know? He's a werewolf. Run!

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