Was it the Curse of the Mummy that Sunk the Titanic?

As the story goes...

Fifteen hundred years before the birth of Christ there lived an Egyptian Princess named Amen-Ra. When this Princess died she was buried in a wooden coffin and buried deep in a tomb in Luxor, Egypt on the Nile River bank.

The curse gets started...

In the early 1900's, four rich businessmen from England, purchased the mummy of Princess Amen-Ra from Egyptian antiquities dealers in Cairo. The curse gets started when one of the businessmen walked out into the desert one night soon after the purchase and was never seen again. Another, had an accident with a rifle which accidentally discharged and shot his arm off. Another, lost his bank and the last went broke and died homeless. This was only the beginning.  

The person who claimed ownership of the mummy next, lost his family in a car accident shortly before his house burnt to the ground. 

After that happened, he bequeathed the crated Princess to the British Museum. From the beginning things started happening; when the delivery truck, with its precious cargo was backing up to the platform to unload, it pinned a worker against the dock, crushing him. The driver of the van fell seriously ill and died, the other was found at work sitting in a delivery van, a victim of a heart attack. There were two men, employed by the museum who unloaded the heavy sarcophagus, one fell and broke his leg as they were climbing the stairs, the other man died of unknown causes days later.

People on many occasions, especially the cleaning staff and morning viewers have reported that during the night, objects in the room where Amen-Ra was on display were scattered around or mysteriously tipped over. 

A nightwatchman swears a black ghost or spirit rose from the sarcophagus and tried to push him as he was standing near a delivery chute, as if it wanted him to fall down it. He luckily, caught hold before falling. Another museum staffer's child got measles and died after 'disin' the mummy, while waiting for mommy to finish her work. She was alone in the room with the display when her mother overheard her talking to it, telling the mummy she looked ugly and scary!

The museum hired a photographer to take pictures of the display. His pictures of the face on the sarcophagus we very disturbing. Disturbing enough for him to lock himself in his darkroom and commit suicide.

The museum had had enough...

In 1912, the British Museum decided to put it up for sale and wouldn't you know it, a high rolling punk from New York decided to buy it. He bragged about  what a good deal he had gotten and decided to crate her up and ship her off to the Big Apple.

She was put in the cargo hold of the infamous Titanic. The new White Star Liner that was making her maiden voyage across the Atlantic ocean and as you guessed, on April 14, 1912, the sarcophagus and the mummy went down, in deep water with the Titanic and the other 1500 passengers.

Of course this is just a story, none of those deaths can be verified. It's just a legend that has been added to and embellished more than you can imagine. There never was a Princess Amen-Ra curse nor a mummy. The British Museum knows nothing of it's existence, plus records show no sarcophagus was ever loaded onto the Titanic. 

The story continues...

The story keeps popping up now and again. It's amazing that there are still people gullible enough to believe it!

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