The Geek Rapture - Technological Singularity Coming to Mankind.

Just when you thought it was safe to put fingers to keyboard, along comes "Technological Singularity" the Geek Rapture

The Singularity

Technological Singularity - aka "Singularity" in a nut shell, true or not, is a moment in time when we make artificial intelligence (robots, computers, etc.) more intelligent than us, their creator; man.  During this "intelligence explosion" which happens rapidly, machines will surpass all of man's cognitive abilities and become "God like" in status and powers. This could be the end of time as we know it, or Armageddon. 

The domination of machines over man is to happen around the year 2040 as Singularity spokesman Ray Kurzweil believes.

When this happens; the world's poverty ends, people will live unbelievable long lives, disease and wars will be eliminated. The world will be a real Garden of Eden from then on, for eternity. 

Sounds great doesn't it?  But wait...

Just as with the Singularity Heaven scenario, there is also the Singularity Hell scenario, the complete opposite; world take over by machines, war, mass slavery, and even the total extermination of mankind.

The Geek Rapture - Technological Singularity coming to mankind in the near future.

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