The First Time I Met My Guardian Angel

I first met my guardian angel when I was a kid, about eight or nine years of age. I can't remember who I was with at the time, there were a few of us, we had just come from an afternoon matineé, a horror flick at the Hyland Movie Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario.  Hamilton is the town where I grew up. 

It was the middle of the afternoon. The sidewalk was full of people. As kids, of course we were all excited, after just watching the 1958 hit movie, The Blob, starring Steve McQueen.

We came to the corner of King and Walnut Streets not far from the doors of the theatre. The light was red, everyone stopped but me. I just stepped off the curb and looked up to see a bus barreling down on me. I had half a second, but as I remember, I froze in shock. I heard people scream.

Suddenly, I felt a tug on my collar and I was pulled up into the air and placed back down onto the curb. The bus barrelled past, it's wheels rubbing against the curb. It all happened within milliseconds. 

I turned to see who pulled me back, it was an older lady, well dressed. I still remember the look on her face, even though she was wearing a black pill box hat with a veil that partially covered her eyes, and the shaking of her head, as if she was going to scold me but nothing was said. The light changed green, she past us and carried on walking, leaving me still stunned and I must say the group of kids I was with also stunned. I still remember her walking away, stylish for the time in her Queen Anne heels, like she just came from a funeral, black dress, a big black purse, the black line from her nylon stockings that ran down the back of her calf, we all watched her until she disappeared into the crowd on the other side of the street.

All my friends called her my guardian angel, telling me how lucky I was. I never saw her again until years later.

That was my first experience with my guardian angel. I've met her several times but only realizing it was her, until she was long gone.

She's saved me more than once. 

Dog Brindle

Another Experience with my Guardian Angel

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