The Book of Ezekiel - A Biblical Abduction by Aliens in a UFO.

This is the one of the first recorded incident of a close encounter with the Third Kind. It is written in the Bible.  

Ezekiel 1  -  46

This is how I interpret it!

The Close Encounter of the Third Kind, came to pass in the 13th year, in the 4th month, on the 5th day. The sky opened up to Ezekiel and other captives camping by the Chebar River, where they saw a UFO surrounded by 4 orbs. A glowing spinning wheel flying in the sky, the colour of amber and glowing like metal, as if propelled by fire, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. In this UFO there are four human like aliens looking out the window. Each had four faces and four wings or some technology attached to them. They had hooves like a cow, and glowed a brassy colour. Almost like robots, moving mechanically. All their faces the same, almost looking at times like a man, a lion, an ox, or an eagle which would mean they were morphing, like a Reptilian. They did not turn sideways but focused straight ahead as they walked, all of them connected to each other. Two wings, on each alien were joined to one another. 

The craft seemed alive, a wheel inside a wheel and had the appearance of crystal with flashing lights that went up and down on the sides. The centre was like a ball of burning coals. It landed on the ground in front of the men, with one leg touching the ground, more a beam than a leg. The men stood there astounded and watched the aliens as they telepathically, related and conversed with an alien sitting on a magnificent throne. They believed this alien to be God.

Ezekiel is taken up into the space ship where the aliens talk to him and hand him a glowing object. I have no idea what this object is except some type of communication device, which tell him all the woes of the world. He sees more lights that he believes are eyes watching him. They eventually transport him back to earth leaving him stupefied and dumbfounded alone in a valley.

The flash was blinding, as the synchronized UFO and orbs finally take off, the noise deafening. The UFO and the orbs disappear as mysteriously as they appeared.

Tell a story like this now-a-daysthat you were abducted by aliensand they'd lock you up in the nut house, but since it's written in the Bible, it must be true.

Dog Brinde


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