Slender Man - The Most Strangest Of The Strange

Also know as the Slenderman, one word, maybe due to the fact he is one of a kind, always working alone in wooded areas. He has unnaturally long legs and tentacle-like arms for chasing down children—but not limited to childrenand grabbing them on secluded pathways and dragging them into the woods. For what reason it is unknown, some people are never seen again. 

His face is featureless. He has no eyes, no nose or mouth. He's always dressed in a suit and wears a tie. He is part of the forest. He is Slender Man and possesses the ability to teleport. 

The first great myth of the internet has now become an urban legend, The Terrible Legend of Slender Man.

Of course, the Slender Man is not real, or is he? The Slender Man has had a long strange history and was re-created on June 8, 2009 for the ''Something Awful Forums" and the Internet has brought him immortality and the possibility that he might be real.

So is he real?  You decide. The Slender Man, the most strangest of the strange.

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Play With Death said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing this.

I love how popular this legend has become. I wonder where it will go from here?