Sexual Orientation "Does Not" Trump Freedom of Religion and Association

Well it looks like Trinity University got the go ahead to open the first religious law school and the legal right to discriminate.

In an eight to one decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of The Evangelical, Trinity Western University a faith based institution, ranked Canada's most "Enriching Educational Experiences" by Maclean's Magazine and got a court order to go ahead with plans to open Canada's first religious law school.

The University is located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, on a 157 acre campus inspired by Christ's life and guided by his teachings is a place of academic scholarship.  It's people, having a common vision - To transform lives through Christ - through centred higher education. 

The final words from the Intervener of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association:

"In the circumstances of this case the Council of the B.C. College of Teachers failed to conduct such an inquiry and erroneously concluded that equality of rights on the basis of sexual orientation trump freedom of religion and association. They do not!" 

This is what it boils down to, and how the school feels towards your rights of Sexual Orientation: 

"If you don't like their covenant then don't bother applying."  

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