Only Baby-Boomers Remember That Before UFO's, there were Flying Saucers!

The First Recorded Sighting of A Flying Saucer

The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia have had more than their fair share of UFO sightings but did you know that the first recorded sighting of a UFO happened on June 24, 1947 over Mount Rainer in Washington State giving birth to the term, Flying Saucer when Kenneth Arnold tried to explain what he saw in the sky that historical day.  

"They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water!"

Kenneth Arnold flew his own plane to various jobs in the state.  He was a fire equipment salesman and since he had some time on his hands, when he was flying to Chehalis, he decided to fly around Mount Rainer and try to find a missing C-46 Marine Transport Plane that had crash landed on the side of the mountain but no one could find. He was hoping to cash in a reward of $5000 for finding and reporting it in.

While flying over Mineral, Washington a flash of light lit the surface of his plane. Then another flash, he estimated it's source to be about a hundred miles away nearer Mount Baker.  

Suddenly, nine objects flying in formation appeared in front of Mount Rainer travelling at an unbelievable speed, estimated to be 1,350 MPH, faster than any conventional aircraft built at that time.  One of the objects was shaped like the crescent moon with a glass dome on top and blue and red flashing lights.  The others were Frisbee or saucer shaped.  All of them flying erratically amongst themselves. 

"Like speed boats on rough water!"

The objects rose higher in the sky, separated then disappeared between Mount Rainer and Mount Adams.

He called it in, reporting what he saw to the employee's of Yakima's Central Airport. 

On his next stop to Pendleton, there was a huge crowd awaiting him.  It started the whole Flying Saucer craze and changed his life forever.

Washington State holds the title, Home to the First Flying Saucer Sighting.

Then, the 60's came around and someone renamed these Flying Saucers, UFO's. From then on, the name stuck, UFO or Unidentified Flying Objects became their name. The term "Flying Saucer" is rarely used in today's dialogue. 

Only us baby-boomers remember them as Flying Saucers.

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