Mel's Hole - The Bottemless Pit - What was it dug for?

Washington State is home to a large underworld network of tunnels and caves.  

Throughout the history of Washington State people have talked about an underground civilization of advanced beings. It all started when a man "Commander X" wrote a book entitled Underground Alien Basesabout the active UFO base operating inside Mount Rainier. In the book he claims alien craft have been spotted emerging from the side of the mountain. Another book written in German and French by Fredrich Ludwig Boschke, The Unexplained documents an expedition which entered large caves inside the mountain.

A mysterious man, named H.F. Forest reported a strange story of when he was prospecting, coming across this large flat rock used to block the entrance of a cave. He pulled it out of the way and entered. He wandered for hours coming across a huge underground lake with a large canoe. He discovered a vault containing two giants over 7 ft. tall. Both were in perfect condition, as if just laid there and both were adorned with gold and jewels. Two dismembered children lay at their feet.

After returning to town and telling his story he mysteriously disappeared. All his belongings were left in his hotel room, but he was never seen again.  

The cave and caverns he talked about have never been found but...

There are other holes throughout the State worth mentioning, one is Mel's Hole. A nine ft. wide hole with no bottom looking like a well, with stonework sides as far down as one could see, which can't be filled up. People have observed strange things concerning this hole, a black beam shines up through the centre towards the heavens, a dead dog was thrown in for a burial and returned from the woods behind them, alive and barking hungrier than hell. Teenagers bringing radios and ghetto blasters near the opening of the hole would automatically start hearing old time live music broadcasts from the 30's coming from the speakers. Animals avoid the area. 

With a little research I've discovered that Mel's Hole doesn't exist, and never has. Others would differ saying it's just an old story made up by a man named Mel Waters who made 5 calls into a radio station "Coast to Coast" talking to Art Bell, the stations manager, between 1997 and 2002. Of all the people who knew about it no one stepped forward and admitted they threw garbage down the hole. 

He told Art at the radio station that he bought some property and had found a hole. The locals dumped their garbage in it for years.  Old tires, refrigerators, everything was dumped into it and it never has been filled. Like I said, no one backed him up to verify the story.

He accused the government of a cover-up, that they offered him $250,000 a year to move out of the country and never talk about it again. That's when he disappeared. The government is also said to have removed it from Google Earth and all public documents concerning the holes, all were destroyed.  Another Government conspiracy theory.

Then in September 2008 Mel's Hole came into the limelight again when a man named Gerald Osborne, (aka Red Elk) a west coast Indian, reported to the same radio station that he had evidence of a UFO, he believed to have in his possession a piece of an alien flying saucer. He reported having visited the hole as a child and dropped a fishing line into it's mouth to a depth of 80,000 ft. 

Unfortunately, his story is implausible since that deep, the temperature would be well over 750 degrees Celsius or 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. A nylon fishing line would be not be able to stand that temperature.

In summary, there has never been a man named Mel Waters, there has been a record of property owned by a man with that name, it was all a hoax and not the only hoax the radio station had been involved with throughout the years.

There is no Mel's Hole, it's just a story.

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Jebb said...

What are you basing your assumption on?

Jebb said...

What are you basing your assumption on?

Michael Estey said...

Sorry Jebb, I"m not assuming anything. This is a legend, and this is how the legend goes.

Anonymous said...

don't forget that in every legend there is a piece of truth in it...without it there would be no legends...

bulldogg said...

Michael Estey, I don't know who told you this was not real but ,dude it is. I have been there 3 times to do Paranormal Investigations within the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

there is a such a thing as mels hole lmao