The Alien Conspiracy the Only One That Makes Sense

Malaysia Flight 370 - The Alien Conspiracy 

This is not the first time a plane went missing...

On March 8, 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers disappeared one hour after takeoff, over the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

Where did it go? There is not one trace of it.

Well there's a new theory.  It was taken away by a UFO.

And why not!

Other planes have disappeared in history.  You don't need a history lesson of the Bermuda Triangle, I'm sure most of you have heard all the stories before.  Fighter planes, boats all disappearing without a trace.

Apparently, the plane signed off communications as normal and continued flying for another seven hours then just disappeared off radar. 

There was no MayDay, no cry for help! No beacon detected, now the batteries would be run down so it won't be working anymore, if it were working in the first place. Authorities claim it was downed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, but they are just guessing themselves.

Not one single article of debris has been found floating in the water, not that it would be an easy task to find, sorry for the cliché, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack.   

From Wikipedia: Timeline of disappearance[edit]

Elapsed (HH:MM)TimeEvent
00:008 March7 MarchTake-off from KUL (Kuala Lumpur)
00:2001:0117:01Crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet (11,000 m)[31]
00:2601:0717:07Last ACARS data transmission received;[32]crew confirms altitude of 35,000 feet, a second time[31]
00:3801:1917:19Last Malaysian ATC voice contact[33]
00:4001:2117:21Last secondary radar (transponder) contact at 6°55′15″N, 103°34′43″E
00:4101:2217:22Transponder and ADS-B now off
00:4901:3017:30Voice contact attempt by another aircraft, at request of Vietnam ATC; mumbling and radio static heard in reply[26]
00:5601:3717:37Missed expected half-hourly ACARS data transmission[32]
01:3002:1118:11First of seven automated hourly Classic Aero pings (handshakes) (since last ACARS transmission) via the Inmarsat-3 F1satellite[34][35]
01:3402:1518:15Last primary radar contact by Malaysian military, 200 miles (320 km) NW of Penang
05:4906:3022:30Missed scheduled arrival at PEK (Beijing)
06:4307:2423:24Malaysia Airlines pronounces flight missing in statement released to media[36]
07:3008:118 MarchLast successful automated hourlyhandshake with Inmarsat-3 F1[34][37]
07:3808:1900:19Unscheduled, unexplained partial handshake transmitted by aircraft[38][39]
07:4908:3000:30Media reports on missing flight[40]
08:3409:1501:15Scheduled hourly ping attempt by Inmarsat goes unanswered by aircraft[34]

It has been determined that the aircraft remained in the air for four hours after its transponder went offline, which means that the aircraft could not have met a sudden catastrophic event or the whole plane would have shut down automatically, all at once.

You watch, thirty years from now, a call comes into Beijing Capital International Airport Control Tower...

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, This is Flight 370 requesting permission to land.  MAYDAY, MAYDAY, Flight 370 requesting permission to land. 

Could happen. Better than believing they just crashed into the ocean. 

Aliens took them!

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