Judgement Day - The End of Times, "Qur'an Style"

"As we began the first creation, We shall repeat it."
                                                    Qur'an Chapter 21 Verse 104

There are many references to signs of the on-coming Judgement Day in the Qur'an. This is how followers of Islam describe it!

Scientists, you and I, we all know the universe is expanding. It's been doing that for billions of years.  The Qur'an explains that the universe will one day stop expanding, on that day it will be Judgement Day. The universe will stop expanding and starts to contract in on itself. This contracting will reverse time and gravity.

This contracting of time will bring on the "Second Coming." We will be able to see all the wrongs we have done to this world and ourselves. The Qur'an mentions an earthquake, like no other earthquake, which will turn the earth inside out. 

The last sign will be; The sun will rise from the west. It will be too late for non-believers to convert to Islam and they shall perish. Each nation will be humbled for what it has done for humanity.

Muslims say, The sky will become the centre of the earth, "Earth's Centre-sky" and form a runway type structure with gates and openings which will transport the believers to another dimension beyond our universe.   

The end will come swiftly, marking the end of time. That's it in a nutshell, how the Qur'an explains Judgement Day and the End of times.

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