Is This The Lost City of Atlantis?

In January of this year it was reported to Portuguese Hydrographic Institute that a large underwater pyramid was discovered by a Portuguese sailor (Diocleciano Silva) as he was fishing off the shores of Portugal between Sao Miguel and Tercieira Islands in the Azores. The structure spotted on sonar is estimated to be at a depth of 60 meters or 131 feet and is 8000 square meters in size.

The vertices are perfectly squared, facing North - South, East - West, as are the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. The pyramid has been under water for 20,000 years and was built before the last ice age and a place where you wouldn't normally build one. 
It has not been established if the structure is man made or not.

Questions are being risen of a Portugese Navy cover-up, since the whole area where the pyramid was discovered has been heavily studied due to all the volcanic activity lately.

There are three reasons for their hesitations:

1) They haven't come across it yet.

2) They are hiding whatever it is.  

3) It doesn't exist.

Number three may not seem to plausible given the authenticity of the discovery. The exact location has not been given out to the public and there may be more than one pyramid. It raises more questions than it answers. 

Suddenly, there's seems to be a rush on discovered pyramids underwater. This subject needs further investigation.

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