How To Prevent Jumbees From Entering Your House At Night.

There is a legend spread throughout the Caribbean of ghosts, or a group of evil spirits and demons called Jumbees.  

Unlike other entities that are fog-like, Jumbees are dark shadowy figures. They are said to possess humans during dance rituals and can shape-shift into dogs, pigs or cats, even werewolves and vampires.

Recommended Ways To Avoid Or Escaping a Jumbee 

  • It is recommended to leave your shoes and sneakers outside at the door because Jumbees do not have feet and will try all night to fit into yours before coming into the house with no success. By dawn it will give up after sitting on your doorstep all night trying to figure out where the hell these things are supposed to go (no feet). 

  • You can also sprinkle handfuls of sand or salt grains around the front door.  This way the Soucouyants or Ole Higue (Old Hag) won't come in, they'll spend the whole night collecting and counting each grain. It's a compulsion of theirs, they can't stand it. Sometimes they have to recount them twenty to a hundred times because they are never sure if they counted correctly or not. Like I said, it's a compulsion. Morning arrives before they ever correctly count them. Soucouyants are vampires that shed their old wrinkly skin and become vampire fire balls. They suck the blood from their sleeping victims through their soft body tissue, as not to awaken them. 

  • Enter your house backwards if coming home at night, looking outwards. They won't follow you in, not if they know you are watching for them. They prefer to sneak into the house through cracks and holes in the floor.

  • Sometimes walking home at night you might feel like a Jumbee is following you. Water will keep you safe, since they can't swim, they can drown in 1 inch of water. If you spot one and need immediate safety stand in a puddle as a last resort, hopefully it will be raining.

  • As a last resort; get a long piece of rope.  Tie several knots throughout it's length then tie it to your doorknob, making sure you tie it outside not inside the house. This is another one of their compulsions; they just love to untie knots and have to stop and try to untie each and every knot before continuing on into your house.  So make sure there is enough knots to keep them occupied all night. Make them tight.

To destroy a Jumbie, you must find where the creature hides its skin (not easy to find, there has never been a reported Jumbie skin being found) after it has morphed for the evening. Salt must be poured into the skin to prevent the entity from reentering it in the morning.

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