Has Christianity Taken A Stance? Against Islam

In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, the interviewer asked the question.  "Some say you demonize Islam, and Christians in this country, they have opposed building a mosque and are worried about Sharia law. Isn't it...

Has Christianity Taken A Stance? Against Islam.

He was interrupted by the TV Christian evangelist, the Reverend Franklin Graham, "We should be afraid of Sharia Law in America, and Muslims here who want to practice Sharia should go back to where they came from, to those nations that recognize Sharia Law, the Law of Islam, which governs public life as well as private life. We should be absolutely afraid of it.  No question about it, because there's no tolerance in Sharia Law. It persecutes those that do not believe in Islam."

Sounds like a stance, or is it a holy hate-spewing, illogical, anti-christian, dad-envying, loser trying to be a relevant nobody, as one of his commenters suggest. 

What do you think?

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ref:Catholic Online

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