Harper and the Alien Invasion - What Could They Possibly Want?

What would happen if the world was invaded by aliens, say, tomorrow? How would Prime Minister Harper react? 

I sometimes wonder... Of all the available planets in the cosmos, why would aliens invade Earth in the first place. We've almost used up our natural resources and as the time passes without an invasion, there will be less and less. I'm sure there's a vein of gold somewhere they know about,  a mother lode undiscovered by man somewhere on earth, or an uncharted oil well, what about all the scrap iron or the miles and miles of copper wiring. How about rock? They may want rocks. Who knows?

Unless, they want our water, then again, in a few more years the water here on earth is going to be so flat and stale, no creature will be able to drink it, let alone live in it.  

Maybe, they might want our air. They'll need huge air purifiers if they do and they'd better not wait until China becomes totally industrialized, we can hardly breathe as it is now.

What about our women? Do you think they would come here for the females of our species? Because of a dying race they need to breed with our women to create hybrids, or take them back as sex slaves for aliens living on Jupiter or on some other planet with no women, and the aliens need them to carry on their dying civilization. 

I looked around, even peeked out the front window. Judging by my neighbours that doesn't look like the reason; both sides, brown baggers.

There's the possibility they might come here for all the 7 billion free-range tasty humans, just waiting to be tomorrow's dinner, especially preferring the tasty plump tender Americans, they love both dark and light meat. They're not prejudice, "chicken is chicken" they say.

Maybe they want slaves and have come to capture us, to take us back home to do the cleaning and cooking for them.  

They just might need room. Like us, they may have overpopulated their own planet and are emigrating to other parts of the galaxy, looking for work, who knows?

There could always be aliens with personality disorders.  Maybe having a psychological need to pillage and conquer other worlds.

Maybe they only want to spread the good word.  Bible thumpers knocking on doors, pretending to be the Second Coming

Then there's the obvious reason they'd want to come here. To stop us from harming ourselves, seeing a bleak future for us humans.  

Call it an intervention. I don't think they'd be coming here to harm us.

When they ask, "Take me to your leader," I wonder what Harper's  reaction will be? 

I should call his campaign office and find out what he'd do, if such circumstances do occur.  

I'd like to know. 

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