Flying Men of Washington - What are they; Angels, Aliens, Demons or Men From the Future?

A 61-year old lady, Mrs. Zaikowski reported a sighting of a flying man.  

The newspapers at the time were a little skeptic over the claims she had seen a flying man, in her backyard, since this report, dated January 6, 1948 was a few months after the famous Flying Saucer sighting of Kenneth Arnold's sighting near Mt. Rainer. Since there were so many other stories going around at the time, it was dismissed as just another kooky tale from an old spinster. From McChord Air Force Base an army official was quoted as saying,

"It sounds like one of those saucer deals...I just can't put any stock in it at all."

She was coming home from an afternoon of shopping. As she neared her house she noticed a bunch of children playing on her front lawn. They came running up to her yelling and screaming just as she was about to scold the kids for trampling down her grass.  

They had seen a Flying Man above her house and he was now flying in her backyard, 

"Could they please go around and see."

Her and the kids went around the house to investigate.

There he was, 200 feet in the air above the barn out back, with huge silver wings strapped to his shoulders flapping in the wind, making a whirring sound. She could see no other mode of power except a back pack strapped to his chest with what looked like controls. Could it have been a power source? 

When the Flying Man noticed her, he held suspended in the standing position in the air a few moments then rose slowly until he disappeared, his eyes on them all the time.

On April 9th later that year, another sighting was reported in Longview, near Chehalis by a janitor and a laundry worker.  This time there were three flying men. They appeared to have guns, and wore helmets and looked like they were searching for something. The Flying Men noticed them and flew off.

Nothing was ever seen of the Flying Men again until...

April 23, 1994, 9 o'clock in the evening, near the base of Mount Rainer, Brian Smith an 18-year old was driving from Buckley to his home Camp One near Lake Kapowsin when his truck stalled. The headlights stayed on though and out from the sky in front of him dropped this man, or should I say a humanoid creature. Brian could hear the thud as he hit the ground 30 feet ahead, the car shook.  It was 10 ft. tall, covered in blue fur, the body of a man but attached to it's shoulders was a pair of huge wings, it's feet, were huge bird claws. It stared as if inspecting him with red, pie shaped eyes, with perfect white teeth when it smiled.  The face was like a wolf as he described it to the reporters.

After a few moments the wings unfolded and it rose in the dark sky out of the beam of the headlights.   The force shook the truck. It flew off in the direction of Mount Rainer and disappeared.

What were these creatures that these people witnessed?  Angels, Aliens?  Or just over enthusiastic imaginations?

Dog Brindle

ref: Strange Northwest

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