Does It Really Matter If Flying Saucers Are Real or Not?

I'm going to ask you this question, "Do you care whether there is such a thing as a flying saucer or a UFO and does it matter if there is such a thing?

If you believe there is a God, and believe ourselves to be created after his image then the other guy is the evil one, the Aliens are the evil ones because God is on your side, right? 

If an Alien came to earth from a distant planet, the ramifications might be disastrous, confirming that the earth is older than 4 thousand years, not as the Bible preaches, which most of us today, don't believe anyway. Most of us wouldn't be too shocked.

We've known aliens to be here on earth a long time.  They haven't done any damage. The only damage that has been done is by our own stupidity when we try to follow them, or shoot them down. They aren't attacking us, shooting down our planes, they've been hiding from us and I don't blame them, we all know how cruel, vicious and mean humans can be.

They aren't here to destroy us, or teach us, or give us advanced knowledge.  They haven't taken us back to their planet to be used as slaves.

I could imagine them looking at us in shock, seeing how hostile we can be, how much money we spend on wars, wondering why humans would want to kill each other or let their children starve to death instead of looking after them, and why we treat our planet like it's an endless supply of goodies just for us. Don't humans know that they need the world to survive? They might even want to intervene but are too afraid, our civilization to barbaric and inferior, we would want that technology at all costs.

One might imagine they know more about us than we ourselves know. They may have been watching life as it evolved on earth from the very beginning.

What if certain governments already know about the reality of Aliens and are keeping it a secret for fear of world wide mayhem? What would that say about our government?

Does it really matter if flying saucers are real or not?  There will always be the nay-sayers, the believers, the non-believers and the die-hards and the don't cares. 

It doesn't matter that aliens are here, they don't want to associate with us on a social level, so why don't we just leave them alone? They are obviously superior to us and completely at their mercy. 

It will be up to us whether we want to make that first encounter pleasant or not.

Dog Brindle

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