Cattle Bums and Deep Fried Chicken - No Alien Can Resist Them

For what reason would aliens want to come to earth?  I've composed a list; all could be truths. Well, maybe...

1) A major reason would be our water.  We are the only planet within our solar system that has water. At least at the present time. They could be fish like creatures.

2) Another major reason would be our air, at the present time full of oxygen, but dwindling rapidly.  

3) It is the densest planet in the solar system.  Not the heaviest or the biggest.  1 cubic metre weighs more than a cubic centimetre of any other planet, which means there are more base metals such as gold, uranium, etc. in our ground compared to other planets. Most of the elements have only been discovered within the last 100 years or so.

4) There are a wide variety of resources; poisons, gases, biological agents.  Most not even discovered yet.

5) The variety of life in our genes, to build-up resistance and immunities for their own failing alien stock.

6) Looking for diseases and cures for there own diseases.

7) The earth-moon combination using the dark side of the moon as a base for surveillance of earth and to keep hidden.

8) Earth could be an attractive tourist destination for aliens: Florida, Puerto Vallarta, Disneyland, Canada's Winter Wonderland or even the wonders of the world, maybe to get married in Niagara Falls.

9) For our technology, though primitive may be useful to them.

10) All the nuclear explosions, all 1054 of them. They are coming to earth to stop our own destruction.

11) The aliens could be students, doing research on primitive societies.

12) Looking for specimens to take back and put in a zoo, on some far away planet.  Humans considered a curiosity.

13) Finally, maybe they are meat eaters and eyeing all 7 billion of us as dinner, or our 1.3 billion cows, they love tongue and ass holes, a taste sensation to them, beef, a rare delectable delight, especially taking a liking to tongues and assholes. Or could it be our chickens, all 50 billion alive on earth today, maybe they love deep fried chicken because of the grease content, preferring the gizzards and necks which nobody likes anyway.

Your guess is as good as mine.  Feel free to add some reasons of your own.

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edes antonio dos santos Santos said...

estão nos observando e estudando-n a séculosos

edes antonio dos santos Santos said...

desde a mais remota antiguidade eles estão aqui...