Canada's Four Billion Dollar Spy Palace - Nicknamed "Camelot"

Prime Minister Harper insists the CSEC is not spying on Canadians and is not doing anything illegal.

The Government estimated the Global Spy Palace—CSEC Canada's new spy agency headquarters—to cost the taxpayers $867 million, in reality eventually costing $1.2 billion and with the added $3 billion it will cost for the contract to operate the building for 20 years, the cost then rises to a grand total of $4 billion. The most expensive government building ever built in Canada to date.

When completed this state of the art building will employ 2,000 computer hackers from  the Communications Security Establishment of Canada. This is an agency that will be spying mainly on foreigners, but not limited to, intercepting their phone calls and e-mails by hacking into their computers meaning even Canadians, like First Nations, environmentalists, and anti-war activists, will be spied on as well. They've been doing it for decades anyway but today, we are in the 21st Century of high tech gadgets and equipment that can watch an ant lay an egg from the moon. The Canadian Department of National Defence knows this and has a secret program with the spy agency, which holds enough data on Canadian citizens the size of a football field.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association and OpenMedia have filed lawsuits declaring CSEC violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms against unreasonable search and seizure and infringing on free expression. They accuse them of targeting people and governments. 

The CSEC has been accused of: 

  • conducting cyber-espionage against Brazil's mines and energy ministry.
  • allowed US to conduct surveillance during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits in Ontario
  • used airport WiFi to track Canadian tourists

Prime Minister Harper insists CSEC is not spying on Canadians and is not doing anything illegal.

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