Which Variety of Werewolf Are You? There's so many different kinds.

Everyone has a little wolf in them. What do you think makes men and some women a little frisky at times? There's the...

1.  Wolfman

The classic werewolf, Lon Chaney transforming into a wolf. Scared the shit out of me as a kid and always left me thinking, "How'd they do that?" Remember him, in those old black and whites? His shirt would rip open and his hair would start to grow on his face. He would transform into a wolf using the state of the art special effects and makeup of the 50's. We laugh when we view these old films.

2.  Lycan

A Lycanthrope is a mythological human, hybrid wolf, popularized through folklore and a 2009 film about the underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Lycans have the ability to shape shift into a wolves or wolf-like creatures. You become a Lycan after being placed under a spell by a witch or other sorcerer.

3.  Kitsune

The Kitsune, Japan's version of a werewolf, is a fox. Kitsune in Japanese means fox, a much used word in folklore for a trickster. They are magical beings that get smarter as they age and learn to transform themselves into humans. They are usually depicted as friendly, protectors, lovers and wives, sporting a tail and fox ears. It is said, that the more tails a Kitsune has, which could number up to nine, the wiser and more powerful it is.  

4.  Skinwalker

To Native Navajo Indians, a Skinwalker is a person able to shapeshift himself into any animal that turns his fancy. Legend has it that no Skinwalker can transform into an animal without wearing a loincloth of animal skins. Now-a-days Skinwalkers never wear the pelts of animals for fear of being discovered.

5.  Vilkatas

Vilkatas are the werewolves in the myths of Lithuania. They always appeared as real wolves, never hurting people but have been known to stockpile stolen treasures of gold and silver back in their lairs and dens. Totally harmless.

6.  Nahual

Not actually a werewolf, this Mesoamerican creature from folklore has the power to turn into animal forms, usually a donkey or a turkey and sometimes a dog. If it's a powerful Nahual then maybe a mountain lion but rarely. Able to do either, good or evil depending on it's mood for the day. In English, the word Nagualism means a transforming witch, but they're more of a trickster and shapeshifter.

7.  Je-Rouge

The Je-Rouge to Haitians especially in voodoo is a human with the ability to transform into an animal that must be fed a certain type of food, usually little virgin girls and tries to trick mothers into giving up their children.

8.  The WereJackal

WereJackal's are humanoids with dog faces locked in a sinister smile. They speak Har'Akir which sounds like the barking of dogs and at one time were high priests of a strange god called Anubis. They got their name from their long black claws. They control the undead.

9.  Neuri

These dirty creatures with red eyes live along the banks of the Southern Bug River, (Dniepr River) Ukraine. They change once a year into wolves that terrorized the area.

10.  Brotherhood of Lycaon 

They are the killers that were transformed into wolves for their flesh-eating ways. They turn to wolves after eating raw flesh.

11.  Kashubian Shapeshifer

These are children born with certain signs like a birth mark or fur etc. They are often mistaken for changelings or fairies in human form.

12.  Descendant of Fenrir

These hideous beasts run around all day and night trying to infect other humans. That's their sole purpose in life. So sad.

13.  The Guardian Wolf

These creatures from the Pacific Northwest are bigger than normal wolves and are only able to transform when provoked by vampires. They can read minds among themselves. Made famous through television and movies. eg. The Twilight Sagas.

14.  Teenage Wolf

On campus's everywhere, they walk upright, speak and even talk like normal teenagers. Real basketball fans, and sports enthusiasts.

So, which kind of werewolf are you?

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