When Aliens Return - How Will Mankind Handle It?

What would happen to civilization if Project Phoenix (Seti) finally made contact with aliens from outer space? There has been much speculation for what might happen to mankind, when he finds out he's not alone and thousands of UFO's suddenly emerge in the skies, telling people, 

"We come in peace." 

People may huddle in fear, some may feel a sense of exhilaration, others humbled.

One hypothesis would be the shock so disturbing to civilization that it crumbles into total chaos as in the end of times prophesied in the Bible, often depicted in the cinema as a hostile take-over of the planet, Earth. All the politicians collaborating together, conspirators to the aliens, forming some sort of cover-up; Men in Black etc., thinking the average human being cannot comprehend the knowledge that there are real live aliens and we have made contact.  Religion would have to be rewritten. We won't know what they are here for until they arrive, so we will have to wait for that answer.

The Project Phoenix scientists, that will be the first to make contact, have organized themselves into panels to discuss; 

"In case such an event haphazardly should take place, how should they tell the world"? 

and what procedures they will have to take to convey that message without disrupting life as we know it on this planet.

They are hoping to include the world, but that's highly unlikely to happen. I figure, the moment contact is made, it will surely be hushed and swept under the carpet, by the government.

So we may never know if or when Seti does make contact, maybe they already have and have been hushed. Hopefully, there will be a meeting of the third kind, out in public and we actually meet them physically so there can be no mistaking the event, no matter what the consequences.

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