What Ever Happened To Bubbles, Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee?

Almost forgotten, the most famous ape in the world, Bubbles the Chimpanzee is now old. He's thirty, probably seventy in chimpanzee years and living the retired life in a sanctuary in Wauchula, Florida, at the Centre for Great Apes.  

Bubbles claim to fame was the years spent living with his previous owner, Michael Jackson. He was showered with love, slept in a crib in the same bedroom as Michael, used Michael's personal bathroom. Travelled the world, going on Michael's Bad World Tour with the famous pop star to Japan, wearing custom made clothes, having tea with dignitaries, enjoying the good life. He was spoiled and received the utmost care but...

Jane Goodall who was recently interviewed on TMZ recently suggested Michael Jackson beat poor Bubbles. She cited that chimps get violent as they age and get a lot stronger. La Toya's ex-husband also witnessed Michael punching the ape. When he questioned Michael about the incident, Michael told him, 

"That he had to discipline Bubbles somehow, plus Bubbles can take it, he's an ape."

It is believed there were two more Bubbles (stand-ins), but it has never been confirmed. The sad part of this whole story is when Michael gave Bubbles up to the sanctuary he never came around to visit him. Not even once. How sad. 

I've always imagined Michael Jackson to be a very compassionate guy. Now, I'm wondering if I had him figured all wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when you were a kid and you used to blow bubbles?How's bubbles doing these days?

Sheri Lowe said...

I wish people who do not truly value the spirit and love that animals are filled with for those they bond with and love would not GET FUCKING ANIMALS!!!!
People, they are not disposable. Do not get an animal for a pet unless you will commit for the life of that animal... gawd, no wonder I have trouble enjoying human company ... people are a vicious, vicious species.