What Did the Train Crew Catch In British Columbia's Back Woods?


A group of First Nations people standing on the shores British Columbia, facing early explorers; warning them about huge, hairy creatures that roamed the forests.  

David Thompson himself a skeptic at first, wrote about that warning in his log, dated January 5, 1811. On the 7th, his party discovered huge unexplainable footprints in the snow of an enormous biped creature.  

Terrifying stories turned legend abound among the First Nations people of "hairy giants" chasing people through the forests. These creatures have been spotted many times drinking on the banks of rivers.  

They called them "Sasquatch" and adorn many of their totem poles.

Just such a story happened right here in British Columbia, it goes like this... The year was 1884, summer time. The crew of a steam locomotive travelling along side the Thompson River between Lytton and Yale spotted something up ahead on the train tracks, thinking it a bear they slowed down. As they approached it stood up on it's hind legs and stepped off to the side and watched the train as it passed.

Several of the men jumped off the train and gave chase, actually catching the ape like beast in a net. They caged it and nicknamed it "Jacko," a youngster—140 centimetres (4 ft. 7 in.) tall and weighed 57.6 kilograms (127 lbs.)

The history of this animal they called a "Sasquatch" is a little sketchy. It was crated up and was on its way to London, England for an exhibition when all records end of it's existence. It's believed to have succumbed to the combination of being incarcerated and transport.

There has never been another Bigfoot captured, however a man named Alfred Ostman claims; in 1924 while digging for gold he was snatched out of his tent by one, and dragged to a nearby nest where a family awaited. They kept him with them for 6 days. Were non-violent, vegetarians and had a rude communication system, consisting of a few grunts and groans. He lived to tell his story by just getting up and walking away.

Sightings still continue, just recently a man spotted one on a river bank while fishing.

The legend will continue as more sightings are reported. These creatures are protected under law from being hunted.

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