The Mother Ship - A UFO Larger Than The Planet Jupiter - Coming Our Way

We've all heard the stories of the big mother ship that arrives at the end of time. Mother ships so big they cast shadows over cities.  

Those Mother Ships depicted on cinema screens in SCI-FI movies are tiny compared to the Mother Ship that's out there right now, coming our way, spotted near the planet Jupiter. 

That's right, flying in space near the planet, Jupiter. The object; a blue UFO is in a specific number 8 shape, or one of those infinity lines shapes often depicted for infinity.

This one is huge as you can see. By comparing it to the size of Jupiter it looks to have a certain, predetermined flight path, which could mean it's intelligently controlled, as shown in this Feb. 25/14 video upload to Youtube suggests.   

Could this explain the increase in the number of UFO sightings and spheres seen in recent months?  

Of course a film like this could be fake, after all it's from the Internet but I tend to believe it, since I'm collating facts and figures of such strange phenomenon it certainly fits in with other data on the subject.

Dog Brindle


Anonymous said...

I have seen bright spheres in Plymouth in last couple months twice with others seeing same thing

JA SS said...

it was not UFO it was a mass of water/ice outside Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

Could be #8 is flying object

Anonymous said...

its a plane

Anonymous said...

...nah its a weather ballon.. -.-"

Jackson Compton said...

Rapture vessel :)