The Final Battle Takes Place in Armageddon - Where's that?

According to the co-predictions of St. John the Revelator and Daniel on the Apocalyse, the final battle between good and evil will take place in an area called Armageddon, no date is specified but the threat has lasted throughout history.

I Googled Earth to check it out, and yes, there is a region called "Armageddon."  A geographical region in Israel, near the coastal city of Haifa, including Mount Carmel and other mounts.

The prediction.

This battle will produce a river of blood,

 "To the height of a horse's brindle," 

for a distance of two hundred miles". I thought about it for a minute, did a few calculations and figured, WOW, that's a lot of blood.  

But according to James Randi, "River of Blood" it only can happen if you

"Consider the river is not flowing, but standing still and is only ten feet wide, plus all the blood is drained out of each person's body, all at the same moment, and we use a small horse for a measurement guide, say three feet deep throughout the length of 200 miles it would take three hundred and sixty million people to accomplish such a feat. It's also been calculated that the area of Armageddon could not possibly hold that many people, shoulder to shoulder." 

So, how could that prophecy take place then, the logistics just aren't there to substantiate such a claim. 

Still, I won't be going to that area for a vacation in the near future, an no, I'm not being paranoid.

Dog Brindle

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