The Dyatlov Pass Incident - A Russian Cover-up?

Nine Experienced Hikers and Skiers, found dead.

Barefoot, half-naked, in 30 degrees below zero weather. What killed 9 Russians on a pass in the Ural Mountains in the dead of winter?
I smell a cover-up, or is it a conspiracy theory? This time not by the American government, but by the Russian government. Let me explain...

Back in 1959 a group was formed consisting of 10 experienced skiers, students of the then Ural Polytechnical Institute—8 men and 2 women—led by Igor Dyatlov to cross the Ural Mountains in Sverdlovsk Oblast and reach Otorten, a category III route considered the most difficult of all the passes.

They started their trek on Jan. 27 but after the first day, one member returned to base due to illness. The group now consisted of nine people. On Feb. 1, they started the cross over the pass hoping to reach the other side by the next evening. It started to snow, worsening as the day progressed, visibility became so low they became disorientated and lost, deviating west. After realizing they took the wrong route, they decided to camp the night. 

On Feb 26, rescue and search were the first to discover what remained of their tent, half buried in the snow, no one around, all their things still there.

Investigators determined the tent had been cut open from the inside, as if they wanted out quickly. Footprints revealed the occupants left, bare foot, running away in the snow in thirty degrees below zero. What would make them do that?

As they followed the footprints into a nearby woods, they discovered the remains of a camp-fire along with two bodies, below a large cedar tree, shoeless and dressed only in underwear.  The branches of the tree broken off up to five meters high, suggesting one of the campers climbed the tree to look back at the camp or to get away from something.

They also found three more bodies, 300, 480, and 630 meters from the tree, frozen in sprinting poses as if running back to the camp, all in their under ware and barefooted. No, I'm mistaken. One or two had only one shoe on. 

No other footprints were found.

The last four were not discovered until two months later, in a ravine on May 4 under a blanket of thick snow, another further 75 meters from the tree, deeper in the woods.  It appeared the first unlucky ones to die, gave up their clothing to the others, they had pieces of clothing wrapped around their feet.

It was determined they all died of hypothermia, but when they investigated deeper three of them had their skulls smashed, one had severe fractures to his chest, as if he was hit with a ton of bricks, crushed and flattened. Impossible for another person to have inflicted such a wound. None had any skin lacerations. One girl had her tongue, eyes, lips, and a small piece of bone missing from the front of her face. Could a hungry wild animal, have done this to her?

Theories exist; from paranormal, to UFO's, to secret weapons tests. 

An avalanche the more plausible cause of the event, even thought they were camped on flat land and there were no signs of an avalanche, which would explain them leaving the tent abruptly, half-clothed, in the freezing weather. Plus the tent half collapsed. The last four fell into the ravine, as they fled looking for help. Sounds logical doesn't it?

There is one snag in this story though. On a couple of articles of clothing the radiation counter went through the roof and their skin was a dark brown in colour.

The case was shelved in 1959 as a result of "absence of a guilty party." Documents were released to the public in the 1990's missing the good parts.

Another group, doing the same path at another time, reported seeing strange orbs or spheres in the sky at night, later confirmed to be test launches of R-7 intercontinental missiles, which suggests the cover-up.

My own conclusion is; I'm fully aware now it's not just the American government that is holding back information about strange happenings and happenings around the world, but Russia and other countries are too! Why? More questions.

Something strange did happen on that mountain, there's no denying it.

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