Superstitions and Babies - What You Need To Know


Never, never rock the cradle when the baby is not in it. If you do the baby might be doomed to an early death. If you want to protect your baby put a knife by the front door. Doing this will keep the witches away because evil spirits will never cross iron or steel to get at the child.

Sound strange?

If you and your new-born are in Ireland, spit in it's face to ensure it good luck. The Welsh will tell you to rub honey on it's head and all bad luck will disappear.

This is what you should do when preparing for an easy childbirth at home.

  • Open all the locks in the house during labour, leave no key unturned.
  • If born feet first, there will be in an accident soon and he will become lame while in childhood unless you rub bay leaves on the babies legs at birth where after he will have power to cure pain. Babies that have been rubbed are called "Footlings" and will be in much demand and very popular when they grow up. Footlings are babies born feet first, a breech birth. 
  • The same goes for a baby whose mother dies while giving him/her life, they will have special healing powers and will be called upon to administer the "Kiss of Life" for people with respiratory problems. 

Keep mirrors away from babies because if they do see their reflection they will die in the crib before 6 months of age. It is recommended a mother should chew their babies fingers and toe nails before the age of 12 months, instead of clipping them with scissors, for this will prevent them from growing up thieves.

Not strange enough?

When bathing your baby, throw the dirty water under a tree that is in leaf, to ensure the baby grows up healthy. Again with the never, never... Never place a child near a breast after it has been weaned or it will grow up with the foulest of mouths. Clothing should be pulled up, over the babies feet instead of over the head. It is believed that feet are inferior to the head and should always be covered up first.

By all means kiss your baby for luck. The more kissing you do the luckier you'll be. You can't go wrong here.

But suppose your baby has it's baby teeth at birth, then you'll have a selfish baby. If it's right hand is open at birth it'll be generous, but if it grabs something with it's left hand, it will be unlucky throughout it's life. The child should be carried on the left during it's first nursing, to ensure it will be right handed, and if weaned too early, will have premature grey hair when he is older.

It's unlucky to weigh your baby, or throw your baby in the air. Doctors don't realize this, that checking on God's bounty is considered an insult. It will grow up an idiot. If the baby is bald it will be a scholar.

Do not use soiled diapers, superstition has it if you do it will grow up to be a criminal. After the child has outgrown it's baby clothes, do not and I repeat, do not give them away to soon because if you do, you'll be needing them again pronto, after another surprise pregnancy, whether you want a child or not.   

Jewish superstition dictates no one should comment on how beautiful your baby is, nor should you watch your baby sleeping because its akin to watching the dead.

Place a Bible, a pack of cards and a silver coin near enough to the baby that it can reach them. Grabbing the Bible means he will have a good future, the cards he will be a gambler and if it takes the silver coin it will be successful in money.

Dressing a baby in black, spells doom.  It won't live longer than childhood.

The first thing after giving birth, the mother should go to church and no where else or bring bad luck to herself. If she doesn't the first female she meets will become pregnant within a year. The baby should be baptized so it won't be nabbed and taken off by the fairies and evil spirits. If it doesn't cry during the baptism it will be a bad child, a bad seed. Boys should never be baptized in the same water as a girl, boys will be hairless and girls will grow beards. Babies that are not baptized and die will forever be cast into the woods to roam and bemoan their fate. Its even believed that an unbaptized child cannot even die. Never baptize after a funeral for it's bad luck, baptize following a wedding to ensure a full and happy life.

And finally...

Any new church being built should have a child sacrificed and buried under the foundation to ensure a sound structure. 

Isn't that going a little bit to far?


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