Superstition and Love - Things You Can Do to Snag and Tether A Lover

Besides the usual stuff; Blind guys and pregnant women should be avoided. Hopefully, your last names don't start with the same letter and never get married in the month of May,

"Marry in the month of May, and you'll sure rue the day."

Watch your colours; married in red you wish you were dead, married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow, married in green, ashamed to be seen, pink you two will sink, grey you'll be moving away and black you'll wish you could go back. 

If you want to know if your love is truthful, light one of his love letters on fire.

If it burns bright his/her love is true, dull and blue he's not for you. 

I must add that burning love letters is very unlucky, so try this at your own risk.

It's not surprising, I found out, most of the superstitions concerning love usually pertain to a young lady finding ways to snag a boyfriend, keep her husband, or things that annoy her about him.  

There is a superstition that stated if a young girl held a mirror over her head looking into a well she would see the image of her husband to be. She could also put a mirror under her pillow and when she dreamt, she'd dream of her new lover.

Here is one complex superstition. I'm sure a lot of women didn't and couldn't carry it through. First, the young lady must stand out on the curb of a street and count ten cars that pass. After she has counted the ten cars she has to spot a red-headed teenage girl in a purple dress. After she sees this girl she has to look for a man with a green tie. The very next man that comes into view will be her future husband.

Men have it a lot easier, they just have to eat the last slice of bread in a loaf and the next girl he sees will be his future wife.

Girls should never sit on a table and talk to potential suitors for he'll never ask her hand in marriage. The girl should not look to the north when stepping outside of the house or she'll be a spinster the rest of her life. An engaged couple should never be photographed together, that's asking for it! She should never read the marriage service to herself before the ceremony or it will bring her bad luck.

It's said that; if guy plucks a twig from a laurel tree and he splits it into two and gives half to his love, as long as each keeps their piece, they'll be happily married for ever after.

Courting, long or short is supposed to be lucky, but the luckiest marriage is, one year of courtship and three months of engagement. I couldn't find a reason. Men shouldn't propose on trains, or on a bus or in any public place. Girls should refuse a man after he proposes to her at a dance for she will be lucky there-after. But if a strange girl interrupts him while he is proposing to another girl, she will surely be his second wife.

It is recommended that if a young man has been refused by the same girl three times, to give up and stay unmarried. There must be a reason. Married on the fourth attempt is so unlucky it spells doom, the marriage will definitely not last.

Remember, if you are going to write a love letter always write it in ink, if in pencil it will bring bad luck to the courtship. Never ask for a favour from a loved one written on a post card or you will break-up, and if your hand shakes as you write it, you are in for a good marriage. Blot it accidentally and you're really in for a good time, plus a $1000 cash. Magic must be involved.

Never propose by mail.  E-mail included, Skype too!  And never mail a love letter on three days of the year, or you'll be sorry, they are Christmas Day, February 29 a leap year and September 1st. I haven't a clue why!

Wear a veil at your wedding. Just in case you want to keep the evil spirits away.

And remember, find a spider inside your wedding gown and you've found the "Jack Pot" your life will be blessed.  Don't forget to bury the bourbon to prevent rain.

Good luck!

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