Star Children, They May Have Extraterrestrial Origins

Over the last few decades doctors have noticed a change in children being born. They seem to be growing up faster, emotionally and physically, and tackle problems successfully, using unconventional methods which leave people asking, 

How did they know that?

These introverted children, preferring to keep to themselves, have both Human and Star Visitor origins. Theories abound of spliced human reproductive material, genetic altering and engineering, the deliberate insemination by aliens to accomplish more important work here on earth or their souls are exchanged as the human baby dies naturally, then the Star Visitor enters the body and carries on the life-force to the completion of the babies life cycle, which gives that child the advanced abilities it possesses.

Star Children are kids that seem so grown up for their ages and seem to know more than the average educated adult, even at the young age of four or five, knowing things that seem impossible for a child to fathom, like reciting the Bible, word for word backwards or some other weird thing that resembles a magic trick. Almost like adults trapped inside little children's bodies.

One characteristic about a Star Child is that they are usually born by Caesarian section (Star Kids have big heads) and believe it or not have the ability to turn off street lamps when they walk under one lit, something to do with their bioelectro-magnetic fields. 

These special babies are able to read written print, with enhanced psychic abilities and able to harness bioenergetic energy, and earth and cosmic forces to cure sicknesses by reading auras, and can link to others telepathically and intuitively (knowing things without having any knowledge of it) through an unknown consciousness. They can move objects telekinesis style, see things in the future or as they happen (remote viewing), teleporting themselves elsewhere, levitating by mental effort only, manipulating people even crowds and even alternating time itself making events longer or shorter than ordinary. They can detect future events and disasters, doing almost everything we can think of, astral out of body travel, channeling, sharing consciousness with others, and so on.

Star Children walk and talk early, and hardly ever get sick with the common colds or flus that affect other children, but it's not uncommon to find a Star Child going in the opposite direction, pale, dark eyes, always sick. The type of weird children we see in the movies, like the "The Children of the Corn." I include the movie...

Star Children usually detest violence of any kind being overly sensitive and compassionate. 

One physical difference Star Kids have over normal children is they may have a lower body temperature.  Instead of 98.6 degrees F, they have a lower temperature of 96.8, which means their bodies will last longer than others, and they may look younger in their years as they age.

A star child has poor eating habits and usually dislikes sports and most physical activities. Being introverted, they don't like being touched or to be in groups. 

I know a few kids that fit that description and have always thought it was the "Devil" in them, not an "Alien." Makes sense now.  

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ref: Crystalinks  
      Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
        Millenium Education

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