Soaking in One's Own Bathwater is Un-Islamic and Revolting to Most Muslims

Wash your feet...

There is a ritual that must be performed before making Salaah (separating a believer from infidelity), a very special act of Divine worship for handling the Qur'an, it is known as Wudhu.  

You have to wash your hands, mouth and your nasal passage, your face and forearms, your whole head has to be wiped and finally you have to have a foot bath and wash your feet.

It is believed Wudhu remains intact until broken by; acts of going to the bathroom, farting, blood from cuts and sex, a hard days work. You then have to make Salaah again and go wash.  A general over-all bath is called a Ghusi which means "a bucket bath" using clean soap-free water and must be used to rinse the whole body.

Soaking in one's own bathwater is Un-Islamic and revolts most Muslims.

Ghusi not only has to be done immediately after sex or after a menstrual discharge but... when your skin is in contact with a dog, either touching his saliva (licking) or touching his wet coat. You have to wash to wash three times if that is the case. Muslims and dogs do not mix well, dare one come in the house and walk across the floor with muddy feet. Ghusi has to be done regardless of how well groomed the dog is. Guide dogs are not immune. When you wash your private parts, called Istinjah you have to use clean running water. 

There is a simpler way: Take a shower. Daily!

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Karin Bartsch said...

A shower daily would not help - it's all about the religious ritual performed in a certain way. Those dogmas are hard to understand, especially as a non-religious person.