Recent Photo of Ogopogo Proved a Fake

After careful analysis by sea monster scientists, the last photo
taken of Ogopogo proved to be a fake. It needs further study.

Further Study is Required
Ogopogo  British Columbia's Very Own Loch Ness Monster, now declared a Protected Species by the provincial government. Since 1989 it is against the law to harm, kill, capture or disturb the creature.

Reconstruction Photo of Ogopogo, swimming in Lake Okanagan

First Nations people from the early 19th century were the first to report sightings of Ogopogo.  The Okanakane Tribe called it Naitaka or Ogopogo, which in Salish means Lake Demon. Today she is known as Ogopogo, a 40-50-foot-long sea serpent, a left over from a prehistoric age. It really hasn't been determined she really exists or not, even though the numbers of sightings and photographs. Unfortunately, she's just a legend and most sightings can be explained.

Hopefully, there will be more sightings as summer approaches.

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