Omens and Signs That the Final War is Near

It has long been observed throughout history that there are certain omens and superstitions and signs from heaven pertaining to the beginning of war.  If we knew them all and their meanings, we could be forewarned early enough to prevent the on-coming war and give us enough time to correct matters.

I will site a few examples;  Thunderstorms are a common event.  They don't affect most of us, we carry on and go about our business but sometimes there is a storm that is more electrically charged than others, which give sudden and unexpected displays of flashing lightning bolts and loud thunder claps.  It has been reported that moments before the 1715 Stuart Rebellion in Northumberland there was a terrible storm.  Not just a shower but a storm so powerfully electrically charged that it created a display so bright that it terrified people.   It was only after the fact that they realized that it could have been an omen of things to come.  Then there was the huge electrical storm that happened over Michigan and Ohio just three days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (The Final Countdown) bringing the United States into the World War II. No one was forewarned or connected the omen to the tragedy.

The Aurora Borealis has been reported in European legends to burst into huge sky displays of bright lights before battle.  The early ancients connected these streaks of light to be the blood, which will be shed in the upcoming battles.  They took it as a good omen.

The appearance of the hoopoe bird is said to be an omen of war to come.

If the sun didn't shine on St. Paul's Day, January 25 that was a sign of war.

Natures way of preparing for the upcoming war is to produce more boy babies than girls, if that happens war is imminent.  For some unknown reason mother nature knows before hand when a war is about to begin, so she stocks up on boys knowing they will be needed to sacrifice in battle.  During the war it is also observed that there are more boys born during this period than girls.

In Britain it is believed the old explorer Sir Francis Drake will begin drumming when war is about to break, but in America, Abraham Lincoln will appear in the White House when war is declared. It's beyond me how either one is going to manifest!

There's an old superstition that says, no one will die in war unless there is a specific bullet... 

"With his number on it."

So if our old buddy, "Abe" never shows up at the White House even though his ghost has been seen there, or if we, over here in Canada never see a hoopoe bird and we don't hear large kettle drums being beat by Sir Francis Drake, we have nothing to fear.  But then again,  what about those strange sounds heard in the skys lately.

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Ref:  The Dictionary of Omens & Superstitions

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