Meet Mandy - British Columbia's Famous Possessed Doll

Donated in 1991 to the Quesnel Museum is Mandy, the possessed doll with her little lamb on her lap.  An antique porcelain 90 year old doll from Europe cc1910-1920. The museum is located on the Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail. 

The doll has bruises on her face, and a crack just above one eye.  Her left eye is broken and won't open completely.

It's previous owners would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a baby crying down in their basement.

Since being at the museum, lunches have mysteriously disappeared from the staff refrigerator, later to be found tucked away in the back of a drawer. Objects would go missing, then turn up later. Some of the things have disappeared completely. Security reported eerie footsteps walking the halls when the museum is closed.

Rumours started to spread that Mandy couldn't be displayed with the other dolls, she harmed them when no one was looking. Staff locked her in her own little glass case, in a separate room, when they unlocked the door the next morning the room was torn apart and in shambles. She made electrical equipment malfunction. Visitors to the museum claimed the doll had an overwhelming sadness to her. Her eyes were reported to blink occasionally, her head turn and her fingers move, even giving people dirty looks.

One museum goer, heard some tapping, turned to look and the doll had it's hand up on the glass and was tapping on it, smiling at her. She fainted.

She turns her head away from cameras as if photo-shy, like she doesn't want her picture taken. Most pictures taken of her, are blurred, out of focus, black and white, or don't turn out at all.

There's a legend to why the doll is possessed; A little girl was down in the basement of that house playing with her doll, when there was an accident and the little girl was killed. The little girls soul became trapped inside the doll. Many years later the doll was found in the basement, after someone heard a baby crying and went to investigate. Blood was supposedly coming from it's eyes.

She's not evil and has never done anything to harm anyone. Museum staff pass her antics off as, "That's Mandy just needing attention again."

A fantasy tale or not, Mandy also known as Mereanda has top billing at the Quesnel Museum. People come from far and wide just to see her. They never leave disappointed. Read what one excited Museum goer had to say.

ref: Growing up with Mandy

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