Man Pronounced Dead Awakens Moments Before Being Embalmed.

Holmes County Mississippi

Old Walter Williams died the other night he was 78 years old. The Holmes County Coroner, Dexter Howard declared him dead after feeling no pulse around 9 o'clock Wed. Feb 26th. 

They bagged him up and took him to a local funeral home, Porter and Sons Funeral Home.  As the attendant was preparing the embalming mechanism something moved in the bag.  

Old Walter Williams had come back from the dead. You could imagine the fright the attendant had. He was rushed to the hospital and now is, in his own words.

"Happy to be alive."

Apparently, his pace maker turned off accidentally and it appeared he had no pulse when the doctor examined him.

You'd think they'd need two people to confirm someone had died. He's lucky to have woken up when he did. No one can survive an embalming as you will see in this video.

Watch an embalming being performed.

Maybe when he gets better he will tell us about his near/death experience. It would be interesting.

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