Home Grown Medical Marijuana - The Harper Government Backs Down.

The Canadian Federal Government announced that by April 30th, written notification will be needed by each authorized medical marijuana grower, (registered people that grow their own medicine) informing them that they have shut down and dismantled their grow-ops or face penalties. From then on, medical marijuana will only be available through mail order, dry and processed through government approve producers.

In reply to this announcement, most people won't comply and I don't blame them. Most will tell the government to go to hell. The pot business will go back underground. The government will go out of business.

So what happened... the Feds backed down and announced on Friday, March 21, 2014 that it will be okay to grow your own medical marijuana. 

The government was just trying to take control of this new cash grab on the lives of the sick and dying. 

Never sign up with any of these government plans for growing pot, which are actually lists of people who grow marijuana. 

It'll come back and kick you in the ass, someday. 

The PC Government is not getting into the pot business to help poor little ole you, it's getting into the pot business for the money, don't forget it!

The Liberals are looking better every time I watch one of those attack ads of Justin Trudeau on TV.  

Attack Campaign Against Trudeau Ad#3 is about marijuana

The PC's don't realize how good they're making Justin look, especially to young & old, gay, straight, peaceful, tax paying, law abiding pot heads.  

An example of a good Liberal campaign:

He's got my vote.

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