Harper Just Sold Out to South Korea - Trading Pigs for Cars

Prime Minister Harper has gone and done it now! 

He's gone to South Korea and signed a Trade Treaty with president Park Geun-hye. A free trade deal thats not free at all.

It's going to cost us and we will gain nothing in the end.

We will sell our beef, pork, and processed foods, grains, seed oil and lumber and other natural resources to them, to fuel their ravenous hungry population...

Plus we will export a whole array of consulting and contracting services for projects being built in South Korea.

Red flags right there. 


In return we will let them sell high tech cars and other high tech equipment in Canada by lowering tariffs, making cars less costly to Canadians, which in this economy means our own automobile industry will not be able to compete. Thousands will lose jobs, 33,000 in Ontario alone.

It's like comparing a orange to an apple. I see no free deal here. We're going to pay in the end, lose much and gain little, you watch!

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