Harper Commits $150 Million in Aid - as if Money Is Falling Out of the Sky

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is over in Syria acting the part of a good samaritan again.  Today he's doling out our hard earned money, to the tune of $150 Million, for Syrian refugees, as if money is falling out of the sky.

Of course, how could Harper turn his back on all those people? I don't begrudge Harper for doing that and wanting to help people but...

Why doesn't Stephen Harper come here to Vancouver and tour Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and take a walk and meet people in his own country, people that had elected him, that are now displaced and out on the street, hungry and homeless. We have people on disability, living under the poverty level, begging on the street. Mothers on welfare trying to feed their children. People lying on cardboard, dying of AIDS, during snow storms. Ruined men and women. Children from the worst of circumstances possible, some so horrific, unimaginable. 

One hundred and fifty million dollars could do a lot to help people here for our own Canadians in peril, our own homeless displaced and hungry people.

Harper has lost sight of what it takes to be Prime Minister and why he was elected.

  "A strong urge to help Canadians."

How much is he spending on all those hateful attack ads, against the Liberals? I just goes to show you what type of person he is, a compassionless narcissist.  

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