Children of Murdered Women, Awarded $50,000 in the "PORK COQUITLAM" Murder Case

It won't bring their parents back.

"Willie" Robert Pickton, now 64, British Columbia's most notorious serial killer, rotting away in prison, charged and convicted of killing six women but may have killed up to 60.  Sentenced to life in prison, the longest sentence under Canadian Law for murder with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Here is a list of the women he was convicted of killing:
  1. Sereena Abotsway, 29 years old when she disappeared
  2. Mona Lee Wilson, 26 last seen on November 23, 1975
  3. Audrea Joesbury, 22 last seen in June, 2001
  4. Brenda Ann Wolfe, 32 reported missing April 2000
  5. Marnie Lee Frey, last seen August 1997
  6. Georgina Faith Papin, last see in 1999

He was also charged with killing 20 other women until they were stayed on August 2010. What was done to these women is undetermined. There had been witness reports of women being cut up and skinned hanging from the ceiling on meat hooks, but I won't get into that gruesome part of the crime.

The Farm

William Pickton, Robert's great-grandfather settled the land near a mental hospital in Port Coquitlam in 1905. He raised hogs starting the families fortune which continues to this day. Due to urban sprawl they were forced to move out, his grandchildren bought 40 acres of swampland out on Locheed Highway in Port Coquitlam, the Pig Farm site today or was before being dismantled. As you guessed they raised hogs. This is where Robert was born. He has a brother and sister, David and Linda. The boys stayed on, worked the farm and eventually all three of the kids inherited the farm. That's when real estate was going through the roof. The three kids became millionaires. 

Linda married and moved out, David Pickton moved down the road a mile or so where he opened a party hall called Piggy's Palace in 1996. Robert now a biker wanna-be, alone on the farm had the freedom to do what he wanted. 

Piggy's Palace

A "nonprofit society" to raise money for different sports and worthy organizations. Hundreds of thousands have attended events and pig-fests held there, some high profile, some not. 

Most of the women Robert picked up were from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and may have ended up entering the food chain. Food for the hogs, bacon for humans. Sold in hundreds of stores throughout the Mainland.

Compensation of $50,000 isn't much, but it does bring some sort of closure for the children of the murdered women. In total, a sum of $4.9 million has been awarded and is to be divided among 98 children of British Columbian's missing women.

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